Wed Mar 28

Euro tour w/ Azriel & Demoraliser - The 2nd half!

This tour is now over and we still owe you an update about the second half.
So here we go: 

After a sweet show in Vienna we found ourselves with no sleeping places for the night. So we started asking every single person on that show to hook us up with a decent floor. Finally we found a dude with a huge flat! Problem solved. 

The Backstage Club in Munich was seriously one ace venue. There was some kind of a flat for the bands with showers, beds and food en masse! God damned, they made us the happiest touring lads in Europe! 
The show was pretty sweet as well, but not half as crowded as the show next to our venue. A band with members of Queens Of The Stone Age and The Eagles Of Death Metal had a huge rock show going while we were partying with a handful of people haha. Hello irony! 

Next stop: Berlin! This city proved again that it’s just the raddest city in Germany. 
To cut this short: Pure sightseeing madness!

The two last dates in Belgium were really cool as well! We had two sweet shows in As and Brugge and Brugge was seriously one of the most beautiful cities we’ve ever seen!

All in all this tour was just amazing. We had nothing but good laughs and good times w/ the dudes in Azriel and Demoraliser plus their crew.

Shout outs to: Rob, Ben, Sean, Andy, Richard, Dave, John M, Nathan, Dex, Sam, John S, Matt, West and Razor! We love you all and can’t wait to hang around again!

Also a huge thanks goes out to Jelle of As Enemies Arise for helping us out as bassplayer + entertainer and Avocado Booking for booking us this rad tour!