Fri Jul 1

Hopeward Bound - song by song: Yesterday Or Never

I never thought. I never thought, that I would break out of this, but my world came - it came relentlessly crashing down on you. I am still lost under this sea and my demons are still laughing at me. I paid the price and I gave my all to stop this never ending fall, but how could I stop what never ends? So I tried out to prevent. Just pictures this: It’s still a part, it’s in our heads, we’re still apart. Like we’ve always been. Let’s turn this back! Check your head, is there still time when it’s already too late? Banging my head against a brick wall. I kept up as best I could. Yeah, my world came crashing down on you, but it came crashing down on me first. So be aware, I’m back in this town and I’m here to claim my last amount. Don’t mention it, this time the facts are clear: We’ve already been right here! Is there still time, when it’s already to late? Check your head, is there still time when it’s already too late? We’ve already been right here.

Meaning: Some relationships are already over, before they actually start and sometimes you just don’t recognize it, cause you simply don’t want to. You try so hard to forget about this, you do everything to safe it, but sooner or later, you fail.
In the end, the one who ends a relationship like this, is the one who suffered the most, cause he gave everything to prevent the unavoidable end, but felt that there was no other way out.

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